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kevmatters asked: Um...where do you live? Haha because I don't think I can just go to a thrift shop and buy some Allen edmans.

I live in Charlotte, NC.

I didn’t think I could thrift Allen Edmonds either, but I stuck with it long enough and have been able to find some great shoes. The hardest thing about thrifting for shoes is that the good ones always seem to be in the wrong size! eBay has proven to turn up some of the best shoes in my collection, but again, you must be persistent there too. 

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lachlanlubanach asked: Just stumbled upon your blog, love it! Great taste in clothing/ style, good layout of posts and you don't reblog unrelated stuff either. Here, have a well deserved follow!

Thanks for the follow and most flattering compliments! 

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getbusylivinggg asked: Hey!!! I'm fairly new to charlotte!! I hope you're well. I was wondering where you're thrifting at! (:

Welcome to the Queen City! 

Some of my favorite places to thrift are Goodwill and Salvation Army locations around the city. The nicer areas of the city yield the best finds (Ballantyne/Uptown), but I have found great stuff at almost every location. 

Good luck!